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Group Profile
JINRUIDA GROUP is a company integrated with technology, manufacture, service and investment.
●CHANGZHOU ZHONGTIE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD was founded in 1999. It is engaged in large railway engineering machinery parts and hydraulic operating system .
●CHANGZHOU JINRUIDA TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD was founded in 2007.It is specializing in precision machining, hydraulic technology products and steel structure manufacturing. The products are widely applied in railway transportation industry, such as railway engineering machinery , high- speed train , metro , GE high-power locomotive and vehicle .
●Machinery Manufacturing Department is equipped with a variety of precision machining equipments and advanced testing equipment, The capacity of manufacturing production is able to meet any need, ranging from the metal machining to metal forming, and from hydraulics to pneumatic.
●Steel Manufacturing Department, It is specializing in providing a variety of large-scale steel manufacturing and OEM .
●CHANGZHOU JINRUIDA New Materials CO., LTD  It is specializing in metal casting and forming.
●CHANGZHOU JINRUIDA Equipment CO., LTD and CHANGZHOU JINRUIDA Electronics CO., LTD  They are specializing in forming manufacturing equipment and electronic sensor products.
●CHANGZHOU JINRUIDA INVESTMENT HOLDING CO., LTD is responsible for the comprehensive management about capital and investment of the JINRUIDA GROUP.  
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