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ZhongTie Technology Co.,Ltd Brief Introduction
CHANGZHOU ZHONGTIE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is specialized in the components and parts of large-scale railway maintenance machinery, undertaking its manufacture, sales and maintenance; offering the research and development of the components and parts, machining, manufacture, device matching, as well as its relevant service. Through independent research ,numbers of products were approved and authorized . The products are extensively applied in the railway engineering corporation of China.
● For various work principles, the research and development of tamping devices and maintenance services is the world leading level.
● The research and development, manufacture of hydraulic cylinder, pneumatic cylinder, valve, pump, motor, and so on-system executive components, plus intelligent hydraulic test bench, and so on-control units, is the specially designate matching enterprise, by numerous large-scale railway maintenance machinery manufacturing enterprises, various railway bureaus and various railway engineering bureaus.
● Undertaking cooperation with EATON(Aeroquip)、IVG and many other well-known enterprises, working in the research and manufacture of fluid pipeline accessories, being the designate authorized agent of Aeroquip in China, for cooperative partner of  large-scale Chinese railway maintenance machinery.
● In the industry of axle drive, offering high-quality drive products for high-speed train, metro, large-scale railway maintenance machinery, etc, being the designate authorized dealer in China, for the imported drive shaft of ELBE parent company.
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